Chasing The Elusive “Me Time”

Update: 05/17/2023


It’s time for that yearly update. LOL 🙂 Since I don’t seem to get back to this blog often enough…

This year I’m taking some “Me Time”. That means I’m going to work (or attempt to work) on something that I want to accomplish just for me.


My Own Website Projects

Yes, it’s always got something to do with websites, graphic design, or crafts. I can’t help it. I love making things.

I’ve gotten a lot accomplished over the past year. I’ve have some schooling under my belt, won a website design contest  (that was really fun and totally unexpected), and started a small home business… (you guessed it) helping other people with their websites. Got to stick with what you know, right?

Had some bad things happen over the last couple years as well. Lost my mother-in-law, Sept. 12th, 2021, the day after my husbands birthday. Lost my brother June 30th, 2022, the day after my birthday and the day of completing my C.M.S.C. certification at Easton University. (Never celebrated that win.) I don’t like reflecting on bad things, but thought it was worth mentioning because of the weird similarities and timing.

What's Ahead

Looking forward to the summer. Hoping to put a nice garden in. The little ones are big enough to appreciate the plants this year. Elijah gave me a green bean plant that he had started at school. Alexa had one too, but someone had sealed them in a paper bag to take home and they dampened off and died. I’ll help her replant some new seeds and we’ll grow more beans. I think a green bean teepee would be a great addition to my garden this year. The kids will love it. Jacey wants flowers.

No coloring books or pages this year. No plans anyway. Sometimes things change though. I’m still coloring them but not creating new ones right now. I did find that the digital coloring patterns can make some pretty background patterns for websites and graphics. Used one of my coloring pages for a music title graphic at Check out the “Leather & Lace” song under music, it’s one of my original drawings in the background.

In the fall, once the kids are back in school, I’ll have new projects and more schooling. I still have some certifications to complete. And, for the first time, all the kids will be on the same schedule. WooHoo! 🙂 That should free up a minute or two. Maybe I’ll be able to get back into my old routine… Nah! Old is out! We’ll work out a better routine. Something that includes more me time.

So, what is my definition of “Me Time”?

To me, “Me Time” means working on the projects that are close to my heart. Learning something new, making something new, getting order within my own space (online or off), and having the time to relax and enjoy my surroundings.

Over the last few years, taking care of other people took over my life and made a mess of my routines. Things around me got out of control.


Me in the middle, Maddy & Jacey (left), Alexa & Elijah (right). My great nieces and nephew.


One of the music graphics I created for Buck Taylor. Did his entire website and all the graphics from a handful of pictures he supplied, stock images, and my own hand drawn images.

I’m still taking care of the same people (4 kids, husband, & daughter) since mom died, but this year, I’ve taken back control. Inside and out. Online and off. Decluttering. Repairing. Renewing. I may not be able to accomplish everything, but I will tackle my biggest hurdle. my routine. A better, daily routine that will help me accomplish all the other tasks… and gain back that elusive “Me Time”.

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