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Shelly Leroux is a multifaceted artist and the driving force behind ShellyJo's Coloring Page Design Studio. With a deep-rooted passion for art, she seeks to infuse creativity into everyday life and shares this enthusiasm through her intricate designs. Drawing inspiration from the world around her, Shelly's mission is to bring joy and relaxation to people's lives with her hand-drawn creations.

Shelly's artistic journey began as a personal escape during moments of waiting and uncertainty. It was this creative outlet that eventually gave rise to her first printable coloring book 'See It Differently' Abstract Coloring Pages, a heartfelt tribute to her late mother and those who encouraged her to embark on her artistic path.

A firm believer in the therapeutic power of art, Shelly's work transcends conventional boundaries. From custom coloring books to digital design resources and vibrant coloring pages, her creations serve as a canvas for others to explore and express their own unique visions. Shelly invites you to join her on this artistic journey, to be inspired and to find solace and inspiration through the transformative power of art.

Explore the world of printable patterns, discover the joy of seeing life from a fresh perspective, and embrace the beauty of expressing your creativity, one stroke at a time.